Liane Pruchnik

Liane Pruchnik
Office: 312.893.1372
Cellphone: 312.209.2264
Fax: 866.298.7339

Trusted Partners

Please find below a detailed listing of trusted vendors and real estate related partners that maintain a strong personal and professional integrity. Please rest assured that no referral fees are exchanged between myself and any professional listed below.




            Kevin Maloney

            Phone: 1-773-281-6013

            Maureen Sweeney

            Phone:  1-773-972-3927

            David Salk 

            Phone: 1-773-719-1901

            Tom Schurer 

            Phone: 1-847-561-7217

            Jason Goldberg

            Phone: 1-312-859-1140

            Sargon Somo

            Phone: 1- 773-738-8535

            Don Schimp

            Phone: 1- 312-953-8522


Blinds/Window Treatments


            3 Day Blinds

            Heather Carlisle

            Phone: 1-773-814-6996

            Fax:  1-800-255-2824

            Email Address:



Cabinet Makers/Custom Work       


            JBD Design, LTD.

            John Barnett




            Roncin Custom Design, LTD.

            Makers of Fine Furniture and Custom Cabinetry

            11514 Smith Drive, Huntly, IL  60142

            Ronald Ludwig



            Cornerstone Building Solutions

            Rick West



            Crooked Oak

            Joel Schelhase



            Joseph Woodworking

            Jim Helm:  1-773-418-4943

            Randy Huff: 1-773-418-4942




            Mr. Carpet Shop at Home

            Sarah Smith

            Phone: 1-773-929-6000


            North Shore Carpet Cleaning

            Steven Neal

            Phone: 1-847-724-3838


Chimney Cleaners 


            Ash Wipes


            Phone: 1-773-274-9473


            King Chimney Sweeps

            Phone: 1-773-252-0976

Closet Organization



 Decorative Paiting/Murals/Ceilings 


            Paul Minnihan Studios

            Phone: 1-773-636-4672


             Cristina Floro

             333 East Ontario, Suite A

             Phone: 1-312-642-2299

             Email Address:




            Break the Silence

            Marisol or Lilly

            Phone: 1-877-232-9133



 Duct Cleaning 


            Air Duct Cleaning

            Ed Schultz

            Phone:  1-800-564-2058


            Oasis Heating & Cooling

            Mike Causevic


            American Carpet and Duct Cleaners

            Phone:  1-312-648-9828


            Air Rite

            Phone: 1-630-264-1150



            Steve and Eli Wynn

            Phone: 1-312-421-4441


            Thybony Design Center

            Chris Robinson

            Phone: 1-773-561-2275



            Jon Montsinger

            Phone:  1-773-960-0888


            Design Window Solutions

            Suzanne Pierce

            Phone:  1-312-629-0200


            The Workroom

            John or Joel

            Phone:  1-773-472-2140


            Able Custom Drapery

            Vera or Yalcin

            Phone:  1-773-262-1640




            Roby's Unique Electrical Service

            David Roby

            Phone: 1-773-486-0592

            Phone:  1-773-320-5395


            John Blaha

            Phone:  1-773-531-1771



            Phone:  1-773-520-1253


Gutter Repair / Installation


            Our Towne Renovation

            Ricardo Jurado

            Phone: 1-773-450-5329


            Star Roofing

            Brian Mager

            Phone: 1-773-588-6550


            Ian Robinson

            Phone: 1-773-474-2436


            David León Siding/Windows

            3066 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 

            Cell Phone: 1-773-680-6800

            Phone: 1-773-929-9275

            Fax: 1-773-929-2482


            Andy?s Custom Gutters, Inc.

            Phone: 1-773-267-0033


            Gutter Cutters

            Craig Mies

            Phone: 1-262-903-1117

            Cell Phone: 1-262-248-6997





            Phone: 1-773-744-9473


            JK Maintenance

            John Klobucher

            Phone: 1-630-673-2182


            Santiago Deleone

            Phone:  1-435-655-5548



            Phone:  1-773-306-9161


            Ryan Simas

            Phone:  1-773-633-8148



            Phone:  1-224-202-0282


            Michael Richter

            Phone:  1-773-447-7436



Hardwood Flooring


            Ozark Flooring


            Phone: 1-847-692-2543


            Flooring Solutions

            Keith Humphreys



            Red Oak Flooring


            Phone:  1-312-493-0642


Home Inspector


            Household Inspection Team

            Phone: 1-773-388-9000


Home Winterization


            A & D Property Services

            Phone:  1-773-933-7840

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)   


            Advanced Heating and Cooling

            Phone: 1-847-208-5799


Insurance - Homeowners


            Koenig & Strey Insurance Agency

            Tiffany Pozzi

            Phone:  1-847-853-6628


Insurance Appraiser  Luxury


            Gary Piattoni

            Phone:  1-847-651-0982


Interior Designer (Luxury)


            FFerrone Design Ltd

            Phone:  1-312-662-1210



            Barron and Stoll

            Laura Stoll

            Phone: 1-312-505-6170


            Gooch Design Studio

            Wendell Gooch


Landscaping - Yards, Patio, Terraces Creative Flowers


            Karen Hickey

            Phone:  1-630-533-3050


            Laura's Gardens

            Laura Maurer

            Phone:  1-312-226-6894



            Davey Tree

            Clayton Ruyle

            Phone:  1-312-287-0014


Limousine Service


            Aztec Limousine

            Roberto Diaz

            Phone: 1-773- 486-0062


            Email Address:


 Mold Removal



            Scott Majeski

            1000 West Adams, Suite 205, Chicago, IL  60607

            Phone:  1-312-453-1500



            Bussey Environmental

            Brian Bussey



            Belfor Restoration

            Ask for Mark or Mandy Minnali

            Phone: 1-630-953-8350


Mortgage Brokers


            Mortgage Services III

            Marc Churchill

            449 North Clark, Suite 305,Chicago, IL  60654

            Phone: 1-312-953-5316

            Email Address:


            1st Advantage Mortgage

            Linus Schwemer

            Phone: 1-630-376-0477

            Email Address:


            Ameriturst Mortgage

            Bill Silverthrone

            Phone: 1-815-459-7303

            Email Address:

            Scott Sender (Co-Op Lending)

            Phone:  1-708-955-6965




            Hollander International Storage and Moving Company, Inc.

            David Hollander

            Phone: 1-847-439-5400 x 104


            Email Address:


Painter and Wallpaper Installation


            Thomas J. Westley

            Phone: 1-847-680-4031



Pet Photography


            Renny Mills

            2415 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL  60622

            Phone:  1-312-243-0716





        Garrity Plumbing & Sewer Inc.

            Tom Garrity

            Phone: 1-773-774-1340


            Scottish Plumber

            Jack Simonson

            Phone:   1-630-676-9266


            Taff Plumbing


            Phone:  1-773-617-5700


            Kuhn Plumbing

            Tim Kane

            Phone:  1-773-525-0474


Real Estate Attorney


        Kokoska & Janczur

            John Janczur

            Phone: 1-312-443-9600


            Email Address:




        Louis Thompson

        Phone:  1-773-592-0445


Seamstress/Custom Designers



            Mira Couture

            One East Delaware



            Shirley Shoup

            1-773-477-6359 or 1-773-975-1400


            Elizabeth M Fashions

            100 East Walton


Staging (Home) 


        Rooms Redux Chicago

            Philip Popowici

            Phone:  1-312-835-1192


Tile / Grout Whitening



            Phone: 1-630-673-2182


        Sir Grout

            Dan Lundstedt

        Phone:  1-773-661-6761




        Alex Upholstery

            Phone: 1-773-616-5528


Wallpaper Installation


            Theresa Stinaldi

            Phone: 1-773-895-8194









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