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Pets and Your Home

The majority of buildings in Chicago are pet friendly buildings. It is very important to inform your agent that you have a pet and what its weight is as most buildings do have weight restrictions - the norm is 75 pounds / two pet minimum. When renting, many Lessors will not allow pets in their rental unit for fear of damage by the pet. If they will allow pets in their unit, there is an usually an additional pet security deposit. Charges vary but most start at $150.

Below are a list of helpful hints to keep your pet protected in your new home.

Moving Safety Tips

  1. Pack slowly.Try to maintain your pet's normal day-to-day routine.Try to plan in advance as much as possible and pack in stages as to not upset your pet.
  2. Proper Identification. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and has proper up to date tags with your contact information
    on them. If your pet gets free during your move whoever finds him will know exactly how to get in touch with you.

  3. Plan Properly:When you arrive in your new home make sure you have a special box clearly marked and easily accessable with everything your pet will need immediately. There will be a lot going one and having toys, food and a bed out and ready for your pet will bring him a sense of comfort and security while he acquaints himself with his wonderful new home.
  4. While the movers are there, it might be a good idea to secure your pet in a room with his bed, food and toys. Mark the doorclearly with a sign informing people that your beloved pet is inside.With so much going on and so many people leaving and entering the home, it is very easy for a pet to get out in all of the confusion.
  5. Transportation:Make sure you have a sturdy, protective carrier for your pet. If you are flying, make sure that it is an airline
    approved carrier. It is always good to check with the U.S Department of Agriculture as well as the airline of your choice.

  6. For driving, never leave your pet unsupervised in your car. Animals can easily succumb to extreme weather conditions and can be easily stolen or harmed when left alone.
  7. If your pet finds traveling stressful, a visit to your veterinarian might be in order as they can provide you with medical options to help put your pet at ease.
  8. Moving outside the United State:Please remember that most countries have rules and regulations for bringing a pet in to the country and in many cases have quarantine laws, Hawaii included. Check with your vet regarding additional paperwork, vaccines, health certificates and medications you might require.

Pet Sitters and Walkers:

If you are moving to a new area you may be in need of someone to watch or walk your pet for you while you are away or at work.

Below are some helpful questions to ask prospective guardians:

  • Is the pet sitter or walker bonded or does he have insurance?
  • Do they have a service contract?
  • Do they provide a list of recommendations from past or present clients?
  • Are they associated with a veterinarian?
  • What training has the person completed?
  • Will the pet sitter take notes about your pet? Likes/Dislikes, Fears, Routines, Medical Conditions?
  • How will they keep in contact with you regarding their coming and going and updates on how your pet is doing?

In Home Safety

  1. Never leave your pet unattended on a balcony or chained in a yard.
  2. Check that all doors and window screens are secure.
  3. Chocolate can kill!
  4. Carefully store household cleaners, insect repellants, insecticides, medicines and lawn care products in a safe place.
  5. Plants can Kill!Click here for a full list of plants that are dangerous if ingested.
  6. Make sure you know all of the safely exits in your home or building in case of fire.
  7. Store pet traveling cases in an easily accessible location in case you need to leave fast.
  8. Salt and other chemicals used to de-ice sidewalks can be deadly - wash your pet's paws after taking him for walks in the winter.

Important Links and Phone Numbers

ASCAP Animal Poison Control Center - 24 Hour Hotline:888-426-4435

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